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Breaking: Robin Williams has died at age 63. 

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Good Will Hunting (1997) dir. Gus Van Sant

You’ll have bad times, but it’ll always wake you up to the good stuff you weren’t paying attention to.

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Robin Williams (1951-2014)

Actor, Comedian, Friend to the USO and the troops

Comedian and actor Robin Williams shakes hands with US Army (USA) CHIEF Warrant Office Two (WO2) Davis, 4th Infantry Division (ID) at Kirkuk Air Base (AB), Iraq (IRQ). Mr. Williams is in Kirkuk as part of the USO (United Service Organization) tour traveling through Southwest Asia with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of STAFF (JCS) during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, 12/17/2003

Robin Williams, a comedian and an actor, performs for troops during a United Services Organization (USO) visit at the Base Exchange at Camp Victory, Baghdad, Iraq, on Dec. 14, 2004. (USAF PHOTO by SENIOR AIRMAN Christopher A. Marasky) (Released), 12/14/2004

Actor/Comedian Robin Williams entertains the crew of US Navy (USN) ENTERPRISE CLASS: Aircraft Carrier, USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 65), during a holiday special hosted by the United Service Organization (USO), during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, 12/19/2003

Actor/Comedian Robin Williams (center) visits with Ohio (OH), Air National Guard (ANG) Technical Sergeant (TSGT), Chuck Juhasz, during his visit to the 39th Medical Group (MG), Hospital at Incirlik Air Base (AB), Turkey, during Operation NORTHERN WATCH. USAF Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Jerome Limoge, Surgeon, 39th Medical Group looks on, 10/14/2002


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RIP, Robin Williams. We are forever thankful for all that you gave to the world of performing arts. Your inspirational performances in countless films made us laugh, made us cry, and made us think. In his honor, the Library is sharing this image from the Billy Rose Theatre Collection at our Library for the Performing Arts. Rest easy, Mr. Williams. 

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Robin Williams

1951 - 2014.

Never forget the love and laughter.

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